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Jared Storm standing in a Nebraska cornfield


Conservative Republican Candidate for Legislature


Jared never planned on running for office, but the efforts of the woke, radical left across Nebraska and the nation have driven him to run for office to stand up for conservative Nebraska values. This is Jared's plan to fight back against the radical left and make sure Nebraska stays true to its values, not those of the coaster, leftist elites.

Welcome Message
Jared Storm family

Friends of District 23,

As a father, husband, pilot, small businessman, I believe we need more strong conservative leaders in Lincoln to be a voice for hardworking Nebraskans across the state.

I am a Christian conservative Republican who will fight to reduce the tax burden on hardworking Nebraskans including our retirees, homeowners, and small businesses. There is no room for wasteful spending. I am proudly pro-life, a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and will focus on the issues that matter to every day Nebraskans.

I will protect our kids and women's rights against the woke left, and will ensure quality K-12 education to prepare our kids to be the next generation of Nebraska's leaders.

Our state thrives when we all work together as a team, and I want to keep it that way. I ask that you get involved in my campaign so that our state government continues to promote our shared values of faith, family, and freedom.

God Bless,



Jared Storm

Jared Storm signature
The Storm Plan


Jared is running to be a voice for Nebraska's conservative values in the Legislature. Nebraska is the best state to live, work, raise a family, and retire in and Jared is committed to keeping it that way.

Jared Storm in front of plane
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