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Jared Storm family walking through a field in front of a plane

Faith. Family. Freedom.

Jared Storm college running
Jared Storm kneeling with son after triathlon
Jared Storm kids sitting inside a combine wheel

Growing Up

Jared grew up in rural Kansas and learned early the value of hard work from his father. After obtaining his pilot's license at the age of 18, Jared went to college at Kansas State University on a track and field scholarship. After graduating with a bachelor's degree, Jared went to Fort Hays State University where he earned his education degree. After briefly teaching middle school in Kansas City, Jared moved to Wahoo, Nebraska in 1997 to pursue a career in agricultural aviation.

Running a Small Business

Working as a pilot for a local operator, Jared eventually started Storm Flying Service in 2004. Based out of the Wahoo and David City airports, Storm Flying Service works closely with farmers and seed corn companies performing aerial application.  In 2011, Jared purchased an FAA-approved repair station specializing in aircraft maintenance and parts manufacturing. Storm Aeronautics was relocated to David City, Nebraska, in 2016 and continues to manufacture parts, perform maintenance, and introduce new innovative products into the aerospace industry. These parts and products are distributed throughout the world. Jared has a deep understanding of small business and the challenges one faces on a day-to-day basis, from meeting a payroll to navigating through government regulations.

Jared Storm standing in front of a plane
Jared Storm leaned up against a plane
Jared Storm with his dog kneeling in a field
Jared Storm with his wife
Jared Storm standing in a Nebraska cornfield

Deep Agricultural Roots

Jared’s farming and livestock production roots run deep in his family. His grandfather’s dryland wheat and milo farm still operates today, as well as the 6,000-head feedlot maintained by his dad and brother. Agriculture is the lifeblood of Nebraska and the economic engine that continues to push this state forward. Jared has a strong work ethic and strong moral faith and will always do what is right.


Jared and wife, Colleen, have six children, Hannah (24), Matthew (16), Luke (15), Sarah (13), Elizabeth (12), and Jacob (8).

Involved in the Community

  • David City airport advisory board member

  • St. Francis (Center) Parish board member

  • Member of the National Agricultural Aviation Association

  • Past board member Nebraska Aviation Trades Association

  • Past board member Wahoo Airport Authority

  • 2016 Puffer Award winner for Outstanding Achievement in Design of Agricultural Aircraft and Equipment presented by the National Agricultural Aviation Association

  • 2018 Nebraska Aviation Trades Association Airman of the Year

  • Commercial Rated Pilot

  • Lifetime member NRA

  • Member of the Nebraska Farm Bureau

  • Member of the Knights of Columbus

  • Jim Pillen for Governor County Chairman

  • Mike Flood for Congress volunteer

Jared Storm in a suit standing on a balcony
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